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Surfing Exercise

I primarily focus on surfing exercise. I'm trying to stay physically conditioned, not bulk up or get stiff. I want ...

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History of Surfing in California

The history of surfing in California dates back to 1885. At that time, three Hawaiian princes were attending school in ...

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California Surfing Museums

California is home to the following surfing museums. Santa Cruz Surfing Museum, 701 West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz CA 95060 (831) ...

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Stinson Beach 1969

by B D Fenton (San Juan Capistrano) I was a freshman in college going to school a hundred miles inland in Northern ...

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Popular Surf Spots

Here are some popular surf spots in California. To receive a monthly email with spot updates subscribe to the newsletter. ...

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Dangers of Surfing

Sharks When most people ask about the dangers of surfing, their first question is usually “What about the sharks"?      Not a bad ...

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California Surfing Report – Mid October 2014. Nice heat wave earlier in the month and some good surf days. Probably more to follow soon.

San Mateo County…somewhere on 13 Oct 2014

Linda Mar Surf 29 Sept 2011

Once Upon a Time…a Perfect Empy Wave at Sunset
Perfect Empty Sunset Wave in California

Do you have any California surf fiction? Submissions welcomehere.

Nice Open Wave Going Right
Half Moon Bay Jetty Surfer


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Fun, Sunny Waves at Ocean Beach

It’s six foot and perfect. Long clean rides, offshore winds, no crowds. Great day for California surfing. Then I wake up. That was last week, and today it’s overcast, small, and blown out. It’s all a part of the experience.

Some days are bad. Some are great. You can read about mine here. I’ve been surfing here in Northern (or “Central” for you absolutists) California for twelve years. I now live in Pacifica, just south of San Francisco. The site focus is San Franciso Bay Area but includes other areas as well. Check out my pictures, videos, and blog.

You will also find articles on gear and vacations with some of my recommendations. The fitness section has an exercise routine that helps me catch more waves. If you’re really bored you can download some wallpaper and stare at it at work.

Find surfboards, wetsuits, accessories, and other surf gear.

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Surfing Fitness
Surfing can be hard on the body. Here are my tips for eating right and exercising to maintain surfing fitness and avoid injuries.
Popular Surf Spots in California
A guide to the popular surf spots in California. Descriptions of surf, tips, lodging recommendations, and pics
Local Surf Shops – California
A list of local surf shops throughout California.
Learn to Surf in California
Do you want to learn to surf? Here some of the best places in California.
History of Surfing in California
The history of surfing in California goes back more than 100 years.
Surf Report California
Surf Report California – Centered on SF Bay Area
Former Surf Spots -Thanks for the Memories
Here are some former surf spots that died at the hands of man. Killer Dana, Stanley’s Reef, and Corona del Mar. Progress has it’s casualities.
Shark Attacks of California
There were a grand total of 108 reported shark attacks of California during the entire 20th century. Of those, only 12 were fatal.
California Surf Fiction
California surf fiction. Submit your story.
Surfing Pictures
See the latest surfing pictures. Sometimes of good surf. Sometimes of bad surf. Always the reality. See what you did or did not miss out on.
Surfing Video Clips – fresh from the beach
Surfing Video Clips – Mostly SF Bay Area. Mavericks surfing video clip.
Surfing Vacations – planning trips in Hawaii, Costa Rica, San Diego, Australia
How to plan your surfing vacations. Some tips for saving money and catching some waves. Advice for finding good deals on hotels, cars, and surfboard rentals near your favorite surf spots.
Surfing Dogs
San Diego has become the most popular city for surfing dogs. There are now two major contests for dog surfers.
Surfing gear – Tips on Surfboards, Wetsuits, and Accessories.
Get the right surfing gear for you. You spend too much time finding good surf, read my advice on the best surfing gear. Find surfboards, wetsuits, and accessories for sale.
Dangers of Surfing – Sharks, Sandbars, and More
Dangers of Surfing – Sharks, drownings, crowds, sandbars, and other nasties.
Surfing Museums Show the Rich History of Surfing
California is home to three surfing museums. They are Santa Cruz, Huntington Beach, and Oceanside.
Surfing Backgrounds
Download your free surfing backgrounds. Put it on your desktop and pretend you’re not at work.
California Surf News and Blog
Latest California surf news and session blog. Submissions welcome.
Surf Reviews of Videos, Books, and Magazines.
Surf reviews of surfing videos, books, and magazines. Because sitting around waiting for good surf gets boring.
Wave Riders – Bodyboarders, Kite-Surfers, Bodysurfers, and More.
Wave Riders – I frequently see many other wave riders in the line-up. Kneeboarders and bodyboarders to the more recent stand up paddle surfer and surfing kayaks.
Surfing Car — Choose The Right One For Transporting You and Your Surfboard.
Choosing a surfing car – How some vehicle types measure up for surfing and family.
Surfing and Drowning
Surfing and drowning is rare, but it does happen. Here are some tips to keep you safe.
Take some friggen surf polls.
Surf Polls – What do you want to see?
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